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In 2023, Megan garnered recognition in the literary works authored by two prominent Metaverse visionaries and pioneers, widely acknowledged as authoritative figures within the industry.

2023 Megan Kaspar
Vogue Business Megan Kaspar



September 11.      Vogue Business              The Vogue Business 100 Innovators: Class of 2023 Tech and Web3


July 20.                 Christie's                        LuxTech: Megan Kaspar How Technology is Redefining the Business of Luxury

April 12.               Forbes                             Megan Kaspar Shares Insights on Next Gen Web3 and Ai

March 23.             Vogue Business              Best Asset to Manage Startup Banking Risk, Crypto, According to Megan Kaspar


December 22.   Vogue Business        Kaspar explains speculative assets NFTs vs. RWA on-chain are diverging sectors in web3


December 6.     Vogue Business        Art Basel Miami Web3 Events includes Megan Kaspar's co-hosted MIAFW and MVFW event

December 6.      Decentraland         MIAFW announces participation in upcoming MVFW'23 at Kaspar's event in Miami

December 5.       Coindesk               Kaspar, MVFW'23 and MIAFW co-host Art Basel Miami Event



December 4.       Vogue Business      Vogue Business hosts Web3 fashion event during Miami Art Week 

October 19.         Betaworks              In Partnership with the French American Chamber of Commerce: How Digital Fashion will                                                             Entice People into The Metaverse

October 18.         Vogue Business      Farfetch Announces Web3 Accelerator, Kaspar amongst other industry leaders join

September 30.               Red DAO: A 1 year Anniversary Retrospective

September 29.      CoinDesk              Who, What, Wearables: A Guide to Digital Fashion & the Metaverse 


September 27.      DFWNY                Investing in the Future: Value of Fashion Tech Panel Moderated by Maghan McDowell


September 9.        NFT NOW            Legacy Brands launching digital fashion, Fendi and Megan Kaspar 

August 15.            Vogue Business       Kaspar shares how Gmoney is Paving the New Way in Fashion as a Cultural Pioneer             


August 4.             Vogue Business       web3 Fashion closer to mainstream as Instagram launches NFTs

Vogue Business Miami Megan Kaspar
Shashi Menon Keith Grossman Megan Kaspar
metaverse report web3 studios Megan Kaspar.jpg

August 4.     Forbes                      Megan Kaspar backs firm aiming to issue TV NFTs for its programming

August 3.     Coindesk                  Identity Transformed: PFPs, Digital Fashion and You

July 30.         The Coin Republic  Megan Kaspar funds web3 Production Company

July 27          FinSME                    Trustless Media raises $3.6m from Megan Kaspar

July 8.           Shopify                    Kaspar says Retailers need a digital fashion strategy 

June 20.        Ritz Herald             MIAFW's Digital Fashion Council's Megan Kaspar brings web3 sustainability  to the runway

nftnow NFT100 Megan Kaspar.jpeg

June 16.        TrendHunter                             L'ATELIER BY MIAFW is a Digital Retail & Educational Concept

June 13.        Forbes                                         Miami Fashion Week's Virtual Decentraland Runway Show

June 13.        South China Morning Post       The Frictions of current NFT fashion and wearables 

June 11.        Coindesk TV                              Red DAO Megan Kaspar and Cider Co-Founder discuss Metaverse Fashion

June 7.         Ocean Drive                               Megan Kaspar of MIAFW Digital Fashion Council shares Metaverse Plans

June 1.         AlexaBlockchain                        Prestigious Miami Fashion Week enters the Metaverse

May 31.        Coindesk                                     Megan Kaspar: Meta-a-porter Fashion

May 20.       Coindesk                                     Megan Kaspar on co-host committee for first inaugural red carpet Metagala 

Miami Fashion Week Press Conference 2022 Megan Kaspar.png

Designer Barbara Hulanicki, Fine Art Collector Gary Nader, Megan Kaspar of the MIAFW Digital Fashion Council, and Miami politicians Mayor Daniella Levine-Cava of Miami-Dade County and Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami, among others, were in attendance.

May 12.               Best StartUps                 Meet United State's 101 Top Directors in the Fintech Space

May 27.               Grit Daily                       Sustainability & Decentralization coming for the fashion industry says Kaspar

April 27.             Tech Bullion                   Kaspar speaks to the newfound revenue streams for brands in digital fashion 

April 26.             Yahoo! Finance               10 Biggest Crypto Companies in the World

Apri 19.              VogueBusiness                 Metaverse Fashion Companies are pulling in millions in funding

March 8.             Cointelegraph                 NFT Fashion hits the runway

March 8.             Cointelegraph                 Bringing Women together in web3. 

March 8.             Investing                          Blockchain enabled businesses enables new business models for brands   

March 8.             VogueBusiness                 Profile Picture NFTs are Hot.  Fashion is dressing them


March 8.             Coindesk                         UNXD raises $4M to bring Luxury Fashion to the Metaverse

February 22.         NY Post                          The Metaverse is going Vogue

January 24.           Cointelegraph                Blockchain enabled businesses enables new business models for brands  

January 13.            Glossy                             How DAOs could change the fashion industry

January 12.            SuperRare                      Fashion fade: NFTs are eternal 

January 11.            Haute Living                  Megan Kaspar is Making History: How She is Transforming the Fashion Industry 

January 10.           Bryte Hall                       What is Red DAO? And why does it matter for digital fashion Part Two

January 9.             Bryte Hall                       What is Red DAO? And why does it matter for digital fashion Part One 


Megan Kaspar is Making History Transforming the Fashion Industry .png

December 22.       WWD                           Top 10 Stories of 2021 that set Fashion's course in the Metaverse  

December 15.       Yahoo! Finance Live    DRESSX, Red DAO, UNXD D&G Crown & NFT Culture 

December 13.       Finbold                         Top 2021 Crypto Analysts

December 1.         Cointelegraph              Enters Wear-to-Earn w2e Digital Fashion NFT models 


December 1.         Tokeneo                        Wear-to-earn NFTs to Acquire the Billion Dollar Fashion Industry


Coindesk Megan Kaspar

November 30.      NFT BZL                      Megan Kaspar speaks on The Future of Digital Fashion & DAOs


November 22.      Office Magazine           Your Digital Wardrobe DRESSX 

November 22.      FashionUnited              Red DAO: The First Digital Fashion DAO 

November 15.      Bitcoin Dynamic           Digital Fashion Startups

November 7.        Investor Place               Logical Crypto Investing

October 26.         Cointelegraph               First Luxury Fashion Brand, D&G to launch couture digital & physical NFTs 

October 26.         Yahoo! Money               Analyst Megan Kaspar who called ETH's next price move gives further forecasts

October 24.         Decrypt                          Digital Fashion metaverse: Megan Kaspar's comments on the future 

October 21.          Yahoo! Finance              Ethereum's network upgrades will contribute to ETH's next ATH price 

October 21.          CoinAgenda                  CoinAgenda Global Gathers Blockchain Leaders 


October 20.         Business of Fashion        Unpacking Fashion's latest wave of NFTs 


October 15.          Yahoo! Finance              Wearable NFT fashion could trigger $11 billion record quarter


October 1.           Crypto Media Network   Kaspar: Metaverse wearable digital fashion NFTs ushers new use case for NFTs


September 30.     Decrypt                             Digital Fashion vertical will be one of the largest categories in Web 3.0 Kaspar


August 31.            Investor Place                   Kaspar, called ether’s top $3k back when it was still closer to $1k in January


August 29.           ZYCrypto                          Magnetic's Megan Kaspar asserts Ethers value 


July 17.                           Crypto analyst and co-founder of Magnetic, Megan Kaspar, predicts Eth prices 


July 7.                  Blue&Green Tomorrow    Impact of Proof-of-Stake mining 

Megan Kaspar web3 Coindesk Consensus.png

May 7.          Yahoo! Finance     Magnetic co-founder and crypto analyst Megan Kaspar shares Ethereum price predictions


May 7           Knowledia             Crypto Analyst Megan Kaspar who nailed 3400 ETH gives conditional next forecast 


May 7           FinBold                 Ethereum price forecast from digital asset investor and analyst Megan Kaspar of Magnetic 


May 7.          CoinQuora            Analyst Megan Kaspar Ethereum forecast  


May 24.        CNN                      Musk: Why is Doge valuable? 


May 17.         Inc.                        Why Celebrities and Brands are betting on NFT startups


May 12.         Cointelegraph       Megan Kaspar Ethereum forecast after the Merge


May 9.          Business Insider    Luxury Fashion brands in NFTs & the metaverse 

Megan Kaspar Top Director
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